For Sponsors

We offer cooperation opportunities with three CLINICAL BEST SOLUTION study sites where clinical trials are conducted according to the principles of Good Clinical Practice.


Our study sites are located in Lublin, Siedlce and Warsaw.


Our Investigators, Study Coordinators and nurses, administrators and associated personnel have the necessary experience and capacity to conduct clinical trials.


We are in a position to maintain the highest quality of the services delivered as well as comprehensive supervision of the study in all its aspects.


We cooperate with analytical and diagnostic laboratories offering diagnostic imaging capabilities (X-ray, CT, MRI) and diagnostic tests (ultrasound, ECG) of study subjects.

All study sites belonging to CLINICAL BEST SOLUTIONS – CBS are health care service providers registered in the National Court Register of medical service providers.


This obliges us to offer healthcare services delivered only by medicine doctors and other health-care professionals with proper, certified university education and the required professional training.


An insurance agreement is concluded for each study, covering general civil liability of the Sponsor and the Investigator, including insurance protection of patients against adverse events.


We fulfil our regulatory duties and act in accordance with the requirements of the State Sanitary Inspection (SANEPID).

  • Appropriate and responsible use of clinical study materials
  • Storage of study drug and study materials at room temperature and at a controlled temperature in refrigerators
  • Collection and storage of biological samples in refrigerators at temperatures below -25°C
  • Comfortable working conditions for clinical study monitors (fully-equipped office premises: fax, photocopier, PCs with unlimited access to the Internet)
  • Experience with clinical studies based on paper and electronic CRFs, conducted in cooperation with a Central Laboratory and IVRS
  • The shortest possible negotiation and contract signing (5-7 days)