For Patients

Clinical studies are a powerful driver for the development of contemporary medicine.
They pave the way for advancements in pharmacotherapy and offer the chance for increasingly effective treatment of health conditions which have until recently been incurable or not effectively curable.


The current technological advancements and standardized study procedures can represent treatment opportunities for individuals whose current treatment is ineffective or insufficient.

Clinical trials are conducted in such a way as to provide the highest possible safety for participating patients.

This can be achieved by rigorous adherence to procedures in line with the current guidelines of the Good Clinical Practice.*


* Good Clinical Practice – GDP – provides appropriate international scientific and ethical standards for planning, documenting, conducting and publishing the results of studies on humans.


The guidelines have been established by the International Council for Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) in order to define uniform standards for conducting clinical trials on an international scale, to guarantee reliability and accuracy of the study results as well as results interpretation and reporting standards while respecting the rights of participating subjects.


To learn more about the Good Clinical Practice, please click HERE.

  • Please fill in the Patient Form and sent it by e-mail to the selected Study Site or call the appropriate telephone number (select the proper city).
  • The form contains all data necessary to evaluate patient’s eligibility for a clinical trial.
  • You can also directly contact our study sites.
  • Participation in clinical trials is free of charge. The costs of medical services is covered by the Study Sponsor.
  • If you agree to take part in a clinical study, you can withdraw at any time. Withdrawal from a clinical trial does not entail any financial consequences.
To take part in a clinical study, fill in the PATIENT FORM. We will reach out to you to carry out the necessary procedures.