For Doctors

We have experience of collaborating with a team of Investigators – medicine doctors specializing in various fields of medicine.


In order to be able to perform new clinical trials, we need to make new additions to our teams composed of study staff and the Investigators.


We look for medical practitioners to work as Investigators and Co-investigators.


If you are an experienced medical practitioner and you want to work as an INVESTIGATOR in clinical trials to gain new competence in clinical trials – join our team!


We look forward to working with you

We look forward to working with you
We offer:

  • flexible dates and working hours without having to cancel other professional activities
  • appropriate trainings on the conduct of clinical trials (also for medical practitioners who are new to clinical trials)
  • favorable cooperation agreements
  • necessary and appropriate equipment of clinical sites
  • full cooperation and support from the Study Coordinators
  • experienced and qualified auxiliary staff.
CLINICAL BEST SOLUTIONS – CBS study sites conduct out-patient clinical trials in the following areas of therapy:


  • Pulmonology,
  • Neurology,
  • Psychiatry,
  • Dermatology,
  • Oncology,
  • Diabetology,
  • Cardiology,
  • Gastroenterology,
  • Gynecology,
  • Vaccines.


Our offer can be extended, to the extent necessary and as needed.